ESOL lessons

English to Speakers of Other Languages

Blackbird English specialise in providing high quality language learning to speakers of other languages. We offer a range of different options which offer you the chance to learn the language skills you need for life.

English for Life

English for Life is our primary language learning programme for speakers of other languages.

We tailored lessons to suit your learning style and interests to help you master the language for everyday life. Lessons are planned around the CEFR framework to ensure you get the most out of your tutoring.

English for Education

English for Education is designed to help you or your child excel in your education.

Lessons are tailored to the national curriculum you need to learn to excel, interspersed with useful language to excel in an academic environment.

English for Driving

English for Driving is a unique language learning programme with a focus on helping students pass their UK driving theory test.

Lessons are based on the information you need to know to pass, tailored to your current English learning level.

English for Work

English for Work is Blackbird English's English for specific purposes programme.

These lessons are tailored to the field you work (or would like to) work in.