Other Services

English lessons for native speakers

Blackbird English offers quality English learning for natives who wish to improve their skills. We offer a range of different options which offer you the chance to improve your or your child's English abilities.

English for School

English for School is designed to help your child reach their ultimate potential. If you are worried about your child's core skills in English we can help.

Lessons are tailored to suit the way your child learns best and we incorporate their interests to keep them engaged. These lessons are designed to bridge any gaps in their learning.

English for SATs

English for SATs is specifically focused on helping your child feel confident in taking their KS2 SATs.

If your child is feeling nervous, or you would just like to help them unlock their full potential, we design lessons to help your child get there.

English for You

English for You is all about you. If you want lessons for something specific, adult literacy learning, help with proofreading or anything else we can help.

We are open to design lessons for any English related learning; previously we have helped with proofreading academic essays, citizenship tests.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can work with you to achieve your goals.